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Investment in Spanish radio broadcasting advertisement has grown by 23% since 2013

Today we celebrate the World Radio Day.

Seven years ago, the United Nations recognized February 13th as the World Radio Day. The most widely consumed medium, quoting its general secretary António Guterres, is still being considered as one of the most cost-efficient ones for advertisement purposes.

Radio broadcasting advertisement has been able to adapt through history taking advantage its main virtues while facing the audiovisual phenomenon.

During its first years of life, radio was mainly fed by written press traditional advertisers, thanks to their massive action radius and the ability to use sound as a reclaim, jingles started to be composed. Short musical pieces that stablished themselves as one of the most common promotional formats during the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Once television arrived, a new advertisers massive transfer occurred and the radio had to re-adapt their advertisement business model. However, despite we still can listen to adverts based on musical slogans, nowadays most of radio advertisers are using pieces, mentions and other more specific formats in order to take advantage of the accuracy when targeting towards a specific audience.

The cheap production and distribution costs of this type of content as well as the easiness when impacting a target profile are the main incentives that advertisers found in radio from a promotional standpoint.

Thanks to this, since 2013, year in which the World Radio Day was formally approved, the investment in radio broadcasting advertising in Spain has experience a sustainable growth from 343 to 422 million euros (according to Infoadex), which consolidates the reliability of this advertisement channel which has arguably beaten time expenses.

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