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Advertising investment in the car rental sector

The car rental market has experienced a considerable transformation in recent years due to the emergence of new business models such as driver's seat vehicles (VTC) or car-sharing platforms, both arising from the growing need to generate solutions of efficient and accessible mobility.

In the case of car rental companies without a driver, car-sharing platforms have become popular, due in part to an effective communication of their values of 'sustainability', 'accessibility' and 'ecology', while the traditional renting vehicles or 'rent-a-car' companies have stayed in their niche like solutions of vacations mobility or for longer trips.

Ranking of advertisers

Sixt is the 'rent-a-car' company that spends more money on advertising in the Spanish market, followed (albeit by far) by Avis, Hertz and Cicar.

In the last year, the leading advertiser has increased its investment significantly (+ 53% vs Jan-May'18), augmenting its distance with the rest of competitors by 9 points. Other companies that recorded large increases this year have been Arval and Goldcar.

In general, the 'rent-a-car' sector in Spain - as far as advertising investment is concerned - is a mixed sector, given that a single brand concentrates close to 90% of the total investment.

* % variation vs Enero - Mayo 2018

Fuente: Infoadex. Período: 01/01/2019 – 31/05/2019. Filtro: “Anunciantes Rent-a-car”


Television attracts most of the advertising investment in the sector since the main competitor has a communication strategy very focused on this medium. However, most advertisers tend to opt for online advertising and print media (newspapers, magazines) when making their campaigns.

At the tactical level, competitors tend to position their advertisements in generalist content (El País, Cope), sports (As, Marca) or tourism (Ronda Iberia) media, in addition to using OOH located in airports or local (Telemadrid, RTVC) and national (Atresmedia, Mediaset, Movistar) television networks.

In general, the occupation tends to be greater during the months of April, June, September and October.

Avis and Hertz stand out for having a very diverse media mix, reaching up to 4 different media at the same time.

Fuente: Infoadex. Período: 01/01/2019 – 31/05/2019. Filtro: “Anunciantes Rent-a-car”


New advertisers

In the last year a large number of car-sharing platforms have emerged, some of which, such as Wible, Zity, Ubeeqo or Wishi Life, have decided to start advertising campaigns in On & Off media in order to increase their visibility and thus be able to stay ahead of their competitors.

On the other hand, in 2017 the merger of Mediaset with ALD Motive resulted in the launch of Más Que Coches Renting, a leasing company that is advertised exclusively through the channels of the media giant.

Finally, Interrent (a company belonging to the Europcar group) has once again presence in the media after remaining inactive for several years.


New mobility solutions such as VTC or car-sharing platforms are transforming the vehicle rental market. These companies, located only in large cities, are positioned as optimal alternatives for interurban travel while traditional rent-a-car companies find their niche in holiday mobility or renting.

Sixt is the rent-a-car advertiser with the highest volume of advertising investment and is promoted especially in television. The rest of the competitors, very distant from the leader, choose to complement different means such as Online, Newspapers, Magazines or Radio, generally positioned in supports of generalist, sports or touristic content. Additionally, usually have advertising in airports and local television networks (RTVC, Telemadrid) and national (Atresmedia, Mediaset, Movistar).

In the last year multiple advertisers (especially car-sharing platforms) have begun to have media activity and the last big action has been carried out by Avis, which has started the communication campaign of its new app in OOH, newspapers, radio and online.

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