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Advertising: from product to content

If we look back on the marketing and advertising sector, we see that things have changed a lot in order to adapt to the social, cultural and technological trends over time.

Advertising Sector

Twenty years ago, when managing campaigns, we were applying the concepts and tools that had been valid since the 70's, we only and exclusively considered what we now call traditional media. The brands planned their annual marketing plan in campaign waves on the most aligned with their target audience media and could choose between newspapers and magazines, radio and television, which was the king. At the beginning of the millennium we talked about the product, the brand and its benefits, they were the axis of communication.

Starting around 2006 with the arrival of social media, the scenario changes. Google AdWords appears, advertising through Popup, YouTube also launches video advertising, Twitter turns marketing into 'viral' (everyone wants viral), Facebook introduces the concept of advertising based on user behaviour and Instagram appears, which in 2016 achieved 1.500 million dollars in advertising revenue.

That is to say, the great change is produced by the digital revolution, by the new habits of user behaviour, which have resulted in new tools, new supports, new needs, which makes the axis of communication change, now we no longer talk about our product, our brand, what we want to try is to satisfy the consumers’ needs, we want to know their opinion, we want them to prescribe our brand.

Previously, a single channel of communication used to be considered, while now multi-channel strategies are designed, focused on the customer journey, because the habits of consumers have changed drastically, what we want to achieve is to reach them in a simple and experiential way, to emotionally connect has become a widespread trend among advertisers, the important thing is not only to buy what they need, but to experience when buying, beyond the evolution of channels, media, etc., this profession is still creativity, accompanied by data.

The Agencies

The previous changes are forcing the different agents of the sector, and more specifically the advertising agencies to seek new strategies with which to achieve their objectives more effectively.

The relationship between advertisers and agencies is another one of the great changes, while before the advertisers had only one agency that developed all the pieces of the company, now, it is no longer the case, loyalty by the agencies is no longer so settled and that is because there is an enormous competitiveness between them. This competition, many may see it as a problem, but we see it as an opportunity, since the possibility of obtaining a new client, due to these changes, has risen steeply, now there are more possibilities to position themselves, while some seek the specialization in media, others opt for the price, others seek to provide comprehensive or differential services, etc.

Advertisers no longer want agencies to be only their operational arms, they want them to be involved in their growth, they are no longer seen as a service provider, but as a strategic partner that adds value and that goes ahead to the needs of consumers when developing more effective advertising communications because, on the one hand, advertisers are in need of an increasing number of data when creating advertising strategies and on the other hand, consumers expect advertisers to surprise them with content and products so that they will voluntarily search for the brands themselves.

It no longer works to just have consumers or clients, brands need to have followers, to have prescribers.

The great challenges that agencies face today, are the changing role of the consumer when it comes to consuming advertising and getting new more effective tools that facilitate interaction with users in a saturated advertising environment.

Agencies approach a new atmosphere, in which the digitization of content and the consolidation of the internet, coexist with traditional media, this being probably the biggest challenge that advertising industry has faced throughout its history, which is why not only should agencies change the ways in which they communicate, but transform themselves internally; to their own digital transformation to adapt to the new tools, the agencies, have to transform their teams into multidisciplinary, flexible and proactive when it comes to responding to customers, implement new agile methods of work, such as Scrum, or adopt the concept of brand utility, a new way of creating products and services that meet the needs and demands of consumers.

The agencies that know how to adapt to this new type of marketing will be the most valuable partners to lead the communication of the advertisers.

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